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Interesting use of a Spellegrino bottle. Cut into to now use as a custom made glass.

How to do this and more information is located here :

Modern Milk

Posted on: March 7, 2010



Ricker Library

Nobody really knows how to cite this book, I’ll update when I find out. So anyway, this book is a collection of awesome design related stuff throughout the year. It’s divided into different sections like enviromental, packaging, etc., but there are no special pages or indications before each section. There are pretty awesome stuff in this book outside of packaging, but most of the packaging stuff in here aren’t really practical for our project. So, it’s a good book if you wanna inform yourself of the cool stuff in the design world, and perhaps some of those stuff will inspire you, I don’t know. The library has annuals from recent years, including 2010.

Articles from this book:

Wallace Church, Inc.

Deschutes Brewery

Belvedere Vodka


Wallace Church, Inc. | Wallace Church, Inc. | Promotions/Designer

Source: GraphisDesignAnnual2009

Source: GraphisDesignAnnual2009


Source: GraphisDesignAnnual2009