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OR direct download link here:

Most of these are only vectors/tifs, so they don’t have preview images. You’ll have to imagine the majority of them for yourselves, but some folders do have a “prev” subdirectory that will give you some examples.


This book has tons of templates that are really interesting and useful

This book is from Columbia College so if you want to look through it you can download entire book here:

Some pages from this book:

Folded Circular Box

Dumpling-like Packaging

Flower Top Box

Mentos Box

Prism Box with Curved Top

Butterfly Box

Heart Flap Box

Triangular Box

Star Box

Triangle Box

Rectangular Window Box

Box That Holds Things

McDonalds Pie Box

Square Window Box

Triangular Window Box

Heart Window Box 2

Heart Window Box

The Whole pack is available for purchase for a ridiculous price, but you can try to figure them out on your own or blow up the vectors and try to recreate them

Some I found already uploaded from another source:

Or direct RapidShare link: