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This book had wonderful examples of Japanese packaging that was really interesting.

This was gotten at the Main Stacks and the Call number is Q. 745.2 P12

Japanese Packaging Design 1986

Japanese Packaging Design 1986

Japanese Packaging Design 1986

Japanese Packaging Design 1986

Japanese Packaging Design 1986

Herriott, Luke. The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook. Mies, Switzerland: RotoVision, 2007. Print.

This book was gotten through I-Share Library system and it is from Columbia College. Katy will have it until the 20th of March so if you want to look through it I suggest that rather than ordering it which can be a hassle.

This book has some amazing templates and it is a great resource when looking for interesting packaging.

Eagle Box

Candle Shade

Shoe Template

Buildable Cards

Cardboard Secret Box

Egg Carton Case

Jankowski, Jerry. Shelf space modern package design, 1945-1965. San Francisco, Calif: Chronicle, 1998. Print

This was found at the Communications Library

Package Design 1945-1950

Package Design 1953

Package Design 1945-1955

Package Design 1955

Package Design 1945-1965

Package Design 1950

Package Design 1945-1965

Package Design 1945

Package Design 1945-1965

Package Design 1945-1965


Ricker Library

Nobody really knows how to cite this book, I’ll update when I find out. So anyway, this book is a collection of awesome design related stuff throughout the year. It’s divided into different sections like enviromental, packaging, etc., but there are no special pages or indications before each section. There are pretty awesome stuff in this book outside of packaging, but most of the packaging stuff in here aren’t really practical for our project. So, it’s a good book if you wanna inform yourself of the cool stuff in the design world, and perhaps some of those stuff will inspire you, I don’t know. The library has annuals from recent years, including 2010.

Articles from this book:

Wallace Church, Inc.

Deschutes Brewery

Belvedere Vodka


Inside note:

Packaging today needs to do so much more than preserving, protecting and promoting the products it contains. The rise of environmental issues and globalization mean that today’s packaging designers must create innovative solutions that are also sustainable.

This book shoes how packaging design has changed to meet the demands of its new context. It takes the reader behind some of the world’s best-known brands to meet the designers, clients, marketers, technologists, environmentalists and retailers, to tell their stories about the development of some of the most remarkable packs of our time.

Showcasing the best packaging design from around the world and presented through new color photography, the book also features in-depth case studies of some of the most innovative design processes in the field, with interviews illustrated by details about the designs.

Kirkpatrick, Janice. New Packaging Design. London: Laurence King, 2009. Print.

My note:

This books is sectioned into 4 chapters – packaging that protects, preserves, performs, and promotes. At the beginning of each chapter is an overview. Within each chapter there are many examples, each accompanied with a short writeup, and several detailed case studies. I think it’s a pretty awesome book.

This book is from UIC, available by request through the UIUC Library website, via I-Share. Call number: NC1002.P33K572009

Articles from this book:

The Journal of Popular Noise


iPod Nano

Alphabet Cigarettes