Research on Packaging


We are four kids in Jimmy Luu’s Intro to Graphic Design class researching on packaging design. (: Check out our findings! They’re pretty awesome.

Lots of <3,

Alex, Tanner, Katy, Keen

Tagging system defined:

Origami – No use of glue
Non Origami – Use of glue
Easy/Medium/Hard – How difficult the templates are
Food-based – Designs that look like/are influenced by food
Flower-based – Designs that are influenced by flowers
Tied – Designs that require being tied together by string
Triangular – Pyramid or triangle looking designs
Rectangular – Boxes that are rectangular
Square-Based – Boxes that are squares or have a square bottom
Dome – curved, dome-like tops
Multiple-parts – Additional pieces within one design ex. boxes that have lids and extra parts that go inside the box
Multi-functional – Containers that serve purposes other than storage
Basic – Basic shapes
Bags – Containers with open tops and/or handles
Sustainable – Containers made from recycled materials whose production is less harsh on the environment.
Cut-outs – Boxes that have a cut out window in them
Pretty – Elegant, girly
Flat – Not three-dimensional
Vector – Has a direct link to an .ai file. Useful because these templates are infinitely scalable.  However, if you want to scale up any other templates, you can also make your own vectors.

Tags specific to articles:

Marketing – Marketing tactics used to sell things to the public
Design Principles – Things to consider when designing the graphics on a package

The “Collections” Category:

Under this category are more templates. We’ve included several zip files under this section with up to over 100 templates within each file. They are available for you to browse, but almost all of them have not been tested.

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