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Packaging Design 2: The Best of American Packaging and International Award-Winning Designs

Posted on: March 3, 2010

Paul, Schmitt. Packaging design 2 the best of American packaging and international award-winning designs. New York: PBC International, 1985. Print.

Location: Oak Street Facility, by request only

This book is basically a collection of some notable packaging in the past, and beside each photo there’s some info useful info on the product that usually states why they think the packaging is notable. The book is sectioned according to products, like food, electronics, etc., and there’s a writeup about each group of products at the beginning of the section.

Here are some of the stuff I scanned from the book:

M&Co. Paper Weight

Winchester Sports Ammunition


Tissue Paper Gift Box

Pascual Perfume

Specialty Boxes

FDS Feminine Hygiene Spray

Hina Arara Candies

Royals Mint Chocolate

Beacon Chocolate Slabs

Gourmet Foods

Snoopy’s Cookies

Ayu-No-Kobumaki Bean Paste


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