Research on Packaging

Packaging Design Book

Posted on: February 24, 2010

The introduction explains what were some trends that were present during the 1980s, such as graphic pictures and how it reflects worldwide social and economic conditions. It also talks about problems and other events that caused packaging to change and quickly adapted to fit.

Contents from the book:

Food Packaging from Packaging Design Book

Past Food Packaging 1

Past Food Packaging 2

Past Food Packaging 3

Past Food Packaging 4

Past Non-Food Packaging 1

Past Non-Food Packaging 2

Past Non-Food Packaging 3

Past Non-Food Packaging 4

Past National Design Concepts

Past Award Winning Packaging 1

Past Award Winning Packaging 2

Past Award Winning Packaging 3

Past Award Winning Packaging 4

Title: Packaging Design: The Best of American Packaging and International Award Winning Designs

Author: Stanley Sacharow


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